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Bucca Gelato

Everybody loves a refreshing sweet treat, no matter the weather. Here at Beach Box, we combine the finest local Cornish ingredients with traditional Italian inspiration to bring you something sensational!

We make our own Cornish Gelato right here in our kitchen in small batches, with hand finishing for the absolute best quality and freshness. Inspired by sampling the best from Italy, given a Cornish home. Our true to traditional recipes are noticeably creamier and thicker than factory ice creams.

But what is gelato? Taken from the Italian word for ice cream, gelato has a higher proportion of milk and less cream and is churned at a much slower rate which leaves the gelato denser and creamier than ice cream. As gelato has a lower percentage of fat than ice cream, the flavours shine through which in our book means you can indulge feeling a little less guilty!

Our yummy flavours include vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, white chocolate fudge, banana, salted caramel, mint choc chip, cookies and cream and plenty more. Throughout the year we create unique specials to get your tastebuds tingling. Come Christmas you can choose from mouth-watering Christmas pudding, candy cane and many more flavours. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out!

We have a range of homemade dairy free sorbetto too, so delightfully creamy you wouldn’t believe it’s dairy free! Mango and passionfruit, melon, cherry ripple, and often exciting specials.

Our gelato and sorbets can be enjoyed as a singular or double scoop in a waffle cone or tub. Not only this but choose any of our available flavours and craft your own delicious milkshake. Go big with extra cream and sauce!

Try our best-selling waffles served on a cloud of our, you guessed it, homemade perfectly paired gelato! We can’t get enough of these flavours ranging from Eton Mess to Biscoff or Double Chocolate.

Our cafes also supply local doggy ice cream made with goats’ milk to support gut health, with two flavours to choose from: peanut butter or honey and banana. Keep the pooch cool on a hot day!

If you need a quick refresher on the go, grab one of our refreshing orange or tart blackcurrant ice pops made with real fruit juice from Marshfield Farm.

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A café is only as good as the coffee it serves, right?  Well, we think so and so have adopted this as our mantra.  We have teamed up with a fantastic supplier, The Cornico Coffee Company, from just down the road in Trevibban to bring you the best coffee in North Cornwall.

With over ten years of supplying flavoursome coffee beans and the best quality Italian made coffee machines we trust Cornico to deliver the goods. We are supplied with Caffé Carraro beans, an Italian brand with over 90 years of roasting expertise behind them, so what you get in your cup is a creamy, intense, full-bodied coffee.

All our baristas get regular training from the Cornico team in their well-equipped facilities in Trevibban, because as you know if you appreciate the finest coffee, there is an art to getting it just right, the grind, the brew and of course the milk.

We offer a range of milk, including full fat and semi-skimmed Cornish dairy as well as non-dairy alternatives of Soya, Coconut and Oatly Oat milk at no extra cost.

We often get told that we serve the best coffee around, come and try for yourselves.

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Smoothies & Smothie Bowls

Are you looking for a refreshing drink that’s healthy and delicious?  Well look no further! Beach Box smoothies are here to deliver; blending happiness, one smoothie at a time. We use proper fruit in our smoothies to give you the most intense fruity flavours. With 6 different options that you can pair with apple juice to make it fruiter, or if you fancy a creamier option, go for coconut milk to create your own desired smoothie. What’s not to love?

Fancy taking the smoothie a step further? Then choose from our 6 luscious smoothie bowls flavours, with a granola base and topped with seasonal fresh and dried fruits! Perfect for breakfast or as a refreshing lunch item or snack.

Visit our cafes today and see why everybody goes mad for our smoothies and smoothie bowls!

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