Special Events



Some call them pop-ups, we call them Cook-Outs and that’s because our cooks come out of our kitchen and over to our cafes to bring you delicious off-menu specialities with their fine skills.

What started off small is now a highlight when visiting the beach, bringing people together for casual sunset eating out, for guaranteed fresh good food that can be paired with cocktails and sundowners at our Harlyn café. Can you think of anywhere else you’d rather be? We sure can’t!

Using the best produce from sea and land that Cornwall offers, our Cookouts offer freshly cooked on-site, main meals.  The menu is ever-changing, but previously we have served up Indian delights, marvelous mussels, gooey baked camembert, chimichurri hake and our banging burgers

In 2023 our cookouts featured and were so successful with amazing feedback that in 2024 they are sure to be a big hit. Keep an eye on this page and on our social media to see what is coming up. Each café also advertises the cookouts and menus at their location, so keep your eyes peeled. You won’t be disappointed.


From time to time, we host a special event according to the season, all designed to bring the community together across the stunning locations, that we are lucky to call home. From Christmas Carols to pumpkin carving and lots more, we’ll be bringing you fun and enjoyable events for the whole family. Keep an eye on this page, our social media, and at our cafes for ‘Wasson’.

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